Saturn Goes Into Retrograde Every 12 Months; In 2017, It Began On Apr.

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If you believe in astrology, it could be said you feel that way because Saturn went into retrograde on Apr. 6. While that's not as scary as, say, the prospect of Mercury retrograde, there are some things you should avoid during Saturn retrograde . Not that you let astrology rule your life or anything, but who wants to take unnecessary chances? Saturn goes into retrograde every 12 months; in 2017, it began on Apr. 6 and lasts until Aug. 25. People love talking about retrograde planets (especially Mercury), but they rarely take the time to actually explain what it means — just that it's something important. The basic idea is that when a planet is retrograde, it appears to move in a different direction than normal. As NASA points out on its website, switching directions is physically impossible , but a planet can appear to do so thanks to the "relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun." In terms of astrology, that means the planet in question has a totally different influence than it usually does. Normally, Saturn is something of a celestial disciplinarian in astrology.

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